Access your Race Center

You can perform your fundraising activities online by accessing your Race Center. You will have the ability to create a personal page, manage an address book, send emails to friends and family and monitor your fundraising progress.

Donate Online

Sponsor a Race Participant (Pledge). You can find a participant or Team to sponsor and help them to meet their fundraising goal.

(You can also just make a direct donation to the Race by clicking the make a direct donation button in the navigation bar, but please note that donations made this way will not be credited towards a specific participant's pledge goal.)

Please note: Registrations, pledges and donations are not refundable. Donations and pledges may be reassigned if the transaction was separate from a registration. Donations made at the time of registration will be assigned to the registrant; they cannot be reassigned. If you want to donate to another participant at the time of your registration, please log out after you register and log back in to make your donation.